December 24, 2002
England, U.K.
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Adam Iraki was born in Hampshire, England. Adam's first appearance was as a demon in The Scissoring Part 2 (2013). After that, Adam stared in The Breakfast Club (2015), the remake of the famous The Breakfast Club (1985). Next he landed a small role in the TV film Boys and Girls (2015) as Tyler, and has since appeared in Bullying Hurts (2015) and Misfits (2015). In 2016 he appeared as Dumbo in the short film Prom Date (2016). Also that year, he next played as Axel, in Scott Cooper's Corners (2016). "Corners", which was nominated for 1 British award, co-starred Zoë Belkin and Elena Kompouirs. Adam then played as Bries brother, Tyrone, a 13-year-old trouble maker, in Super Novas (2016), the UK remake of Mean Girls (2004), which was released on August 10, 2016. Iraki then starred as an extra in 100 Streets (2016).